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  • Adams Mutua

What is the Future of Work?

Remote working is changing our understanding and concept of work. The recent rise of remote working is largely technology-driven, since collaboration via cloud systems is so prevalent and has been accelerated by the unprecedented Corona virus pandemic of 2020.

The future of remote work will be dictated by a younger generation of workers intent on working to live instead of living to work.

Today, more than ever before, people are working in places outside of the conventional office. Coworking spaces are a booming industry on their own, established corporate giants are adopting hot desk policies, and some companies exist entirely thanks to a telecommuting workforce.

Going to a job, sitting at a desk for eight hours, and going home at the end of the day are no longer the undisputed norm. “I want to have a good job, but I also want to have a life.” This sentence sums up one of the most important statements of Millennial and Gen-Z workers. These are the fastest growing, most prevalent groups in the workforce today, which means it’s not a sentiment to take lightly. In fact, it can be argued that younger workers are dramatically changing the way we work, based on the current and projections on the future of remote working. Learn some of the skills for future remote work at

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