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Frequently asked questions

How Long are the Classes?

It depends, but typically: 6-12 Months for Nanodegrees 2-4 Months for Picodegrees 1 Month for Certificates Consult your specific program for more information.

Are the Courses Accredited?

HURU School is not an accredited educational institution in the traditional sense. Also, our programs i.e Nanodegrees, Picodegrees and Certifications are not credit-bearing. This means that they cannot be used to transfer credit to accredited educational institutions. Our certificates are, however, valued by individuals and tech corporations looking for new employees with recent skills in their respective fields.

Where do HURU School students come from?

HURU School is a future looking online school with a global presence and community ranging from the lush Lubumbashi in the DRC to the Svalbard archipelago in Norway. We retool individuals in careers of the future and have no limit on age. We strive for life long learning for individuals globally.

Why did you start HURU School?

The founders of HURU School have gone through the traditional school system and seen its flaws. Some even to PhD level in some of the best universities in the world. They have identified challenges in these old systems and are reinventing the future of education

What Time Commitment is Expected?

We believe in the fluidity of the knowledge process and adjust accordingly, for each class we don't expect to meet more than three times a week for 1-3 hours per day depending on the class. We believe online education is the future of knowledge transmission and try to deliver all our courses online. Some courses might include field visits and physical meetups. Consult your instructors for more information.

Who are our Teachers?

Your teachers will be world class experts in the areas of your interest

What is the Age for Enrollment?

HURU school doesn't discriminate by age - as long as you are willing to learn we are here to help. We believe in life long acquisition of relevant skills for everyone. That being said, most of our learners are 18 and above and have already acquired a primary and secondary education. Some courses might have more advanced requirements. Please consult the specific program for more information.

Why are the Courses so Short?

We don't believe in wasting people's time and money - we equip you with the skills and the growth mentality within the shortest time so that you can go and create your own world and live your own dreams. School shouldn't be in the way your dreams but a highway to accelerate them.

Who owns HURU School?

HURU School is owned by several private African and American investors.

What is our Long Term Vision?

The penetration of the internet in Africa offers an opportunity for the company to educate a young African population totalling around 500 million seeking relevant, affordable and practical skills for a digital future.

What is the HURU School story?

HURU School started out in 2015 as a software development company with 6 staff. As the company progressed there was a realization that there was a greater need for education in Africa than for software and pivoted to an educational company.

How do I attend my Classes?

HURU School has invested heavily in online infrastructure and has partnered with some of the largest technology companies in the world to bring a uniquely affordable, accessible and useful online education that challenges the traditional methods of education.

Where are you located?

HURU School is a truly online school. Whereas we have cluster of employees in New York, Nairobi and Burlington we carry out all our services and activities online. If you need to process a document, a transcript or certificate please email our customer care office at info@huruschool.org

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