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Engineer with Headphones

Teaching Style

Whole Game Teaching

We show you how to use a complete, working, very usable, real world problem, using simple, expressive tools. And then gradually digging deeper and deeper into understanding how those tools are made, and how the tools that make those tools are made.

Example Led

Teaching using Examples

Ensuring that there is a context and a purpose that learners can understand intuitively.

Image by Jametlene Reskp
Image by ThisisEngineering RAEng
Image by Sarah Dorweiler


Simple, Flexible and Intuitive

Building tools and teaching methods that make previously complex topics very simple, taught in a flexible and intuitive way

Breaking Barriers

Ensuring Anyone can Learn

We’re breaking barriers to education to ensure everyone can learn and make a difference, wherever they are despite the season or times.

Image by AmirReza Fardad
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