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What are Programming Languages?

Due to the demand in software development skills many programmers are coming to the programming world daily. However, many are confused on where to start and i found his idea fascinating that.

Python is like using a Nespresso machine. C++ is like growing your own beans

Popular Programming Languages People delving into programming keen to write code quickly realize that there are a zillion languages to write code in, here is a truncated list of the Top Ten:

  1. Python

  2. JavaScript

  3. Java

  4. Swift

  5. GoLang

  6. C#

  7. C++

  8. Scala

  9. Kotlin

  10. Ruby

Low-Level Programming Languages

If you want to work on lower-level devices — say things like your TV and Calculator. Your best bet is to use what we mentioned earlier Low-Level Programming such as C++. These languages are low because they interface with the hardware very well. So they are very fast — the problem is they are very difficult to understand and to write, for normal average humans like me and you.

Abstraction in Programming

So some smart people thought about this over-complication and did something called — Abstraction. This means doing the same thing as above but now making it more human friendly so that many people can use it.

High-Level Programming Languages

That’s exactly what High-level Programming means. That’s why programs like Python are so popular.

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