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HURU School Data Science African Scholars for January 2021

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

HURU School mission is to empower individuals to make impact in their communities and organisations. For this reason, in October 2020 the HURU Board decided to launch a scholarship program for Africa that will equip the next generation of African data scientists. We are therefore pleased to announce the January 2021 cohort who cut across 4 countries: Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and South Africa. These professionals work in cross cutting diverse sectors ranging from Law, Software Engineering, Crop Research, Economics, Chemistry, Research and Human Rights.

They will undergo an intensive 4 month program covering topics including: - Data Ethics - Data analysis computer programming languages such as R and Python - Data Collection and Databases

- Exploratory Data Analysis

- Descriptive Statistics and Data Visualisation

- Practical Inferential Statistics

- Big Data

- Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

- Practical applications of these data science pipelines in a local African context

We hope this pioneer program will continue to empower the next generation of competent professional African data scientists. HURU School is a pioneer leading online school in Africa. Find out more about our Data Science program.

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