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Data Science Opportunities

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

Data-driven businesses are now worth $1.2 trillion collectively in 2020, an almost 120 trillion shilling valuation that is 40 times Kenya's economy. In Kenya data science is being used for instance to track the covid cases as shown below. Data Science was a term coined by Linkedin and Facebook engineers and has since become one of the most sought after skills in the global economy.This is precipitated by the increase in data generated by automated systems and electronic systems. According to Forbes, this Big data is very quickly becoming a vital tool for businesses and companies of all sizes altering the the business models of old industries and enabling the creation of new ones.

With data science skills you can become.

  • A Data Engineer where you can design, set up and maintain the data infrastructures that support business information systems and applications for big companies such as Safaricom. This role can also be referred to as a Data Architect. Data engineers also understand several programming languages used in data science. These include the likes of Python, and R and their respective libraries. They know the ins-and-outs of SQL and NoSQL database systems. They also understand how to use distributed systems such as Hadoop and Apache Spark.

  • Business Analytics Specialist or a Business Intelligence (BI) Engineer analyses data for businesses such as banks and can also create intelligence tools that can alert and forecast for business typically holding a lot of data. The role involves leveraging software and services to transform data into actionable insights that inform an organisation’s business decisions.

  • Statistician crunch scientific data to get hypothesis driven insight into data. As a statistician you can work for research institute such as ILRI, KARI, KEMRI, NMK etc

  • Junior Data Scientist where you can prepare data for more complicated upstream tasks.

  • Lead Data Scientist who leads the data strategy of companies they are usually experiences. and highly skilled.

  • Data Analyst are generalist who can derive insight from any data presented to them using the most effective methods. They help businesses translate the numbers into understandable insights and is a very similar role to that of BI engineers.

  • Artificial Intelligence expert who can use AI/Data skills to look into biomedical and other important questions.

HURU School's Data Science Course teaches you these skills without the mathematical jargon typical for such courses.

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