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This April HURU School will admit a cohort of experts from all over Africa to pursue an online pico degree in artificial intelligence. Here is a snippet of what they will learn:

Week 1: Biological and Artificial Neurons: Case studies of the brain and the history of the study of Artificial Intelligence.

Week 2: Info-updates of the state of the art in AI.

Week 3: Real life on screen AI Code implementation

Week 4: Introduction to Machine and Deep Learning and the respective Libraries.

Week 5: Convolutional Neural Networks

Week 6: Matrix multiplication in Neural Network architecture

Week 7: The math that underlies artificial intelligence

Week 8: Gradient Descent and Back Propagation

Week 9: Recurrent Neural Networks

Week 10: Generative Neural Networks

Week 11: Projects

Week 12: Projects

Week 13: Projects

Week 14: Proposal Defense

Week 15: Project Implementation

Week 16: Final Presentations

Want to be apart of this life changing class? Register for future intakes at


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