Month 01

This month, You will be introduced to Artificial Intelligence.


Week 1: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence & State of the Art in Artificial Intelligence

Week 2: Artificial Intelligence Code Implementation

Week 3: Transfer Learning in Artificial Intelligence

Week 4: Machine Learning

Week 5: Deep Learning

Month 03

This month, you will learn how to develop, fine-tune and deploy AI models by implementing an individual project with the potential to scale to a million people


Week 11: Deploying Artificial Intelligence Models

Week 12: Project Proposals

Week 13: Project Implementation

Week 14: Project Presentations

Week 15: Course End

Month 02

This month, you will learn about the architectures underlying most AI algorithms.


Week 6: Convolutional Neural Networks

Week 7: Perceptrons, Matrix Multiplication & Activation Functions

Week 8: Recurrent Neural Networks

Week 9: Generative Adversarial Networks

Week 10: Coding using Artificial Intelligence