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Month 01

Learn the Basics of Software Engineering

In this month, you will conceptually be introduced to Software engineering and its big picture paradigms. You will also be introduced to the open source ecosystem, git, github and other software engineering tools that will set you up for sucess in your software engineering journey.

Month 03

Learn how to Develop Mobile Applications both for Android and IOS

Here you will learn how to develop cross platform mobile applications using React Native - the Javascript framework used to develop global applications such as Facebook.

Month 02

Learn how to Develop Web Applications

In this month, you will learn about modern paradigms of developing scalable web applications. You will be introduced to popular javascript frameworks such as React.js, Vue.js, Django, Flask, Laravel amongst others.

Month 04

Abstracting Software and Web Applications & Final Project

You will be introduced open source tools as well as WYSIWIG commercial tools. You will also carry out a final project of your choice supervised by your instructors.

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