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Use of AI in Education

The concept of “Artificial intelligence” can be hard to understand/grasp, especially when trying to think about how it can be applied to education as well as many other sectors of society. A few years ago, a research began and focused on AI in regard to three objectives: employment, ethics and education. How can AI be beneficial for different industries, what are some of the uses, what are the benefits and risks associated with it, and of greater personal interest? And mainly, what are the possibilities for AI in education?


Students and teachers will be able to communicate instantly with one another as well as to connect with other forms of AI around the world.


With the availability of AI, students and teachers will be able to connect with resources they need exactly when they need them.


What better way to offer more personalised learning opportunities for students than to have AI be able to analyse student responses, determine areas of need and interest, and find resources or create new questions to help students to greater understanding of the content.


With the rise of augmented and virtual reality, and the benefits of bringing these into the classroom for students to have a more immersive learning experience and to see places and explore things that otherwise they would not, AI can be a tremendous benefit for this.


AI could help teachers to assess students and streamline the grading process, with the added benefit of being able to quickly take the data, provide an analysis for teachers, so that time can be saved for more classroom interactions. The future likely holds a lot of possibilities for AI and teachers can take the opportunity to be informed of the possibilities and being open to discussions with students.

Some Companies Innovating in this Space include the Chinese startup Learn how to create Artificial Intelligence models such as those created by Squirrel AI at HURU Schools' AI Course.

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