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Two Crucial Tools for Data Scientists in 2021

Data Science has proven to be a boom to both the IT and the business industry. The technology includes obtaining value from data, understanding the data and its patterns and then predicting or generating outcomes from it.

Data Scientists play an essential role in this since they are responsible for organizing, evaluating, and studying data and its patterns. These professionals perform analysis by identifying relevant questions, collecting data from relevant sources, data organization, transforming data to the solution, and communicating the findings for better business decisions.

Apart from having appropriate qualifications and education, an aspiring data scientist must be skilled at a certain set of tools. He must be fluent in at least one of the tools from the lifecycle of a data science project, namely: data acquisition or capture, data cleaning, data warehousing, data exploration or analyzing, and finally, data visualization.

Out of the many - two tools stand out in the data science space one for R and one for Python:

R - Tidyverse by Hadley Wickman

Python - Pandas by Wes Mckinney.

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