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  • Adams Mutua

The Singularity

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

Since the human species became conscious of itself, it has sought one thing — Survival!

The organ that has been tasked with this important role is the human brain. For tens' of thousands of years, the human brain has been shaped by this task of survival. Evolutionary and Epigenetic processes have produced a sophisticated organ with an almost infinite number of cells called — Neurons. This organ has remained mysterious even with the sophisticated science of psychology and its more technical counterpart neurology.

General Artificial Intelligence will occur when we have an advanced augmentation of the brain by the devices that we take for granted today such as Phones, Computers, Earphones, Smart Glasses, Self Driving Cars. Computers and all digital devices thrive in one area — data exchange and processing to make decisions. Data has exploded in recent years and with the invent of 5G and more powered devices we are now entering unchartered territory. These data machines gaining a digital super intelligence that is independent of the thinking and intelligence of biological man. This Digital Super Intelligence is what is subtly referred to as the internet of things. So the Singularity is simple, an amalgamation of the two:

General Artificial Intelligence(Sophisticated Brains augmented by Digital Devices) + Digital Super Intelligence(The Internet of things) = THE SINGULARITY.

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