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Real life application of AI in Business

Artificial intelligence has significantly changed the business landscape. What started as a rule-based automation is now capable of mimicking human interaction. It is not just the human-like capabilities that make artificial intelligence unique. An advanced AI algorithm offers far better speed and reliability at a much lower cost as compared to its human counterparts.

Today businesses across the globe are leveraging artificial intelligence to optimize their process and reap higher revenues and profits. These are some of the most common applications of artificial intelligence.

AI in Social Media

Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, the world today is changing and everyone is using these social media apps to stay connected with the virtual world. But, are you aware of the fact that a majority of your decisions are being influenced by artificial intelligence algorithms.

Starting from notifications, to upgrading, everything is curated by AI. They consider data such all the past web searches, behaviours, interactions, and much more. So, while you visit these websites, your data is being stored and analysed and thus you are served with a personalised experience. By algorithms that keenly understand you.

AI in Business

A business heavily relies on real-time reporting, accuracy, and processing of large volumes of quantitative data to make crucial decisions. With this efficiency and effectiveness of a business, it is quickly able to implement machine learning. The adaptive intelligence, chatbots, automation helps smoothen out the business process.

Let’s take an example of the Help Desks. If you’ve visited a website, you must have seen that the chat window pops up. You can then ask questions there directly and they revert to your problem or query in no time. This happens with the help of robotic process automation. This thus reduces the repetitive tasks that are normally performed by humans. The algorithms are integrated into analytics and CRM (Customer relationship management) platforms, that uncover information on how to better serve the customers such PAAS companies include HUBSPOT and