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Notion AI - Augmenting Human Intellect

Large language models mean your computer can understand what you’re trying to write — and just write it for you. Lots of work requires writing, some of it repetitive (like creating new job descriptions) and some of it creative (like writing blog posts or brainstorming new ideas). Notion AI can help in both cases.

For many users in this space, it solves the cold start problem. And even more than that, it saves time. Notion AI won’t write you a publishable blog post, but it can help you skip the crappy first draft phase and go straight into improving and polishing.

Some of the current functions include:

  • Summarize existing content — after you’ve written something, Notion’s AI can extract key points in a high-level summary. Handy for quickly recapping research proposals, product specs, or meeting notes!

  • Brainstorm ideas — sometimes inspiration strikes right when we need it, but when writer’s block gets in the way, you can ask Notion AI to generate a list of names for your startup, or costumes for an upcoming party.

  • Write a rough draft — whether it’s a blog post, Instagram caption, email, or poem, Notion’s AI can pull from millions of examples to craft a jumping-off point for your writing. Some sentences might be great, others… not so much. That’s where the fun begins: editing and crafting the perfect final draft that is distinctly you.

  • Fix spelling and grammar — Notion AI also has a built-in spell check and grammar correction feature. No more worrying about pesky typos or misplaced commas.

  • Translate content — easily convert your written content into another language!

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