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Data Science Alumni uses Skills to address child health outcomes in Tanzania

HURU School data science alumni Qondeni Ndlagamandla from South Africa carried out a data science project on Anaemia discovering important insights for child health outcomes in Tanzania. Anaemia is one of the major causes of morbidity and mortality in children aged five or less in Africa, affecting 25% of the world’s population. Ndlagamandla a 2021 graduate carried out this study and fit a model that helped in the identification of the most significant factors of childhood anaemia.

His final project at HURU School found out that variables such as child age, child sex and wealth index or standard of living were found to be highly significant with childhood anaemia. He concluded that for the Tanzanian people to fight childhood anaemia the government and stakeholders must increase mother literacy and education levels as they were both significant determinants of anaemia.

The HURU School Picodegree in Data Science trains the next generation of data scientists and data professionals to tackle the plethora of challenges on the African continent.

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