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Deep Stack - Computer Vision API for Edge Devices

Artificial Intelligence Computer vision algorithms has made it possible to develop applications and automation systems that have the ability to detect, identify and locate objects in images, videos and live camera feeds. With profound impact on many areas of socio-economic activity such security, manufacturing, quality assurance, IoT, autonomous vehicles e.t.c , today’s computer vision powered by deep learning models provide limitless opportunity to develop highly intelligent visual systems. For most developers, researchers and IT engineers, the primary sources for state-of-the-art computer vision integrations are: A new open source computer vision API to detect any object or set of objects for your research, industrial and automation needs has been released by the name DeepStack.

DeepStack is an open-source AI API server that empowers every developer in the world to easily build state-of-the-art AI systems both on premise and in the cloud. DeepStack is device and programming language agnostic. You can run it on Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Raspberry PI and NVIDIA Jetson devices. The following are features in-built into DeepStack

  • Face detection, matching and recognition APIs

  • Common objects detection and recognition APIs

  • Scene recognition APIs

  • Custom objects detection APIs

  • API security

HURU School offers a Picodegree in Artificial Intelligence. Find out more HERE .

Access an example of a project here by the Nigerian AI expert Moses Olafenwa who is a

Software Engineer at Microsoft Corporation.

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