• Benadette Wambui

Data Visualisation tools for Companies

Data visualisation is a trans disciplinary field that deals with the graphic representation of data. It is the most efficient method of communication when presenting a lot of data. Let us look at an example:

Supposing you own a gold mine but you can’t harness the gold from that mine. So, what is the point of owning it? Same applies to big data. There is no point in collecting large chunks of big data if you fail to churn it and harness the information lying beneath it. To resolve this issue, data visualisation tools are exactly what you need. These tools show us various insights of the collected data. Today, we will discuss some of these popular visualisation tools for big data.

Google chart

Google is well known for the user-friendliness offered by its products and Google chart is not an exception. It is one of the easiest tools for visualising huge data sets. Google chart holds a wide range of chart gallery, from a simple line graph to complex hierarchical tree-like structure and you can use any of them that fits your requirement.


Datawrapper is a data visualisation tool that is gaining popularity fast, especially among media companies which use it for presenting statistics and creating charts. It has an easy to navigate user interface where you can easily upload a CSV file to create maps, charts and visualisations that can be quickly added to reports.