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  International Computer Driving License

Week 01

Computer Essentials

During this introductory week, you will be introduced to computer essentials; you will learn more about computer hardware and software as well as cloud computing platforms.

Course Units:

Unit 1: History and the Cutting Edge in Computers

Unit 2: Computer Hardware & Operating Systems 

Unit 3: Computer Software with a focus on Cloud Computing

Week 03

Editing, Design and Databases

During this week, you will learn about editing, design and how to store and retrieve data from databases

Course Units:

Unit 7: Computer Editing

Unit 8: Computer-Aided Design

Unit 9: Computer Databases

Week 02

Word Processing, Presentations & Spreadsheets 

This week, you will learn about word and document processing, how to make professional presentations as well as how to tabulate on spreadsheets.

Course Units:

Unit 4 : Word Processing

Unit 5: Spreadsheets

Unit 6: Email & Presentations

Week 04

ICDL Projects

In this last week, you will carry out an individual practical project that can have implications for at least a business that handles one thousand people. We want you to be ambitious and create something that will be useful in your domain field or your area of interest.

Course Units:

Unit 10: ICDL Project Guidelines

Unit 11: ICDL Project Implementation & Presentations

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