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Software Engineering Picodegree

The Software Engineering Picodegree at HURU School is an intensive two month-long program that provides a comprehensive introduction to software engineering and its fundamental paradigms. It equips students with the essential knowledge and skills required for success in the field.


All participants in the software engineering program must complete an introductory pre-work assignment one week prior to the start of the class. During this pre-work phase, students will become proficient in using our online learning management system (Notion), configure their development environments, and acquaint themselves with the foundational programming languages: Javascript, Python & SQL that will equip them for the first day of the program.




First, students will delve into HTML, where they will master the basic building blocks of how the web is rendered and become fluent in the language that gives the web its aesthetic appeal. Additionally, they will learn how to conceptualize and construct user interfaces for web applications by writing well-structured HTML and CSS.

Next, students will explore the world of Git, delving into version control using Git commands, such as cloning, branching, merging, rolling back commits, forking, and submitting pull requests.

JavaScript is the driving force behind the user experience of the web. Students will grasp the basics of JavaScript syntax, its functional architecture, and various approaches to the object model. Then students will delve into the popular JavaScript framework, React and its cross-platform counter part React Native.


In the second month, students will delve into Flask, a Python web framework. They will use Flask to create their own JSON API and pair it with scalable front-end components built with React, resulting in the development of sleek, functional, and interactive applications.

Moreover, students will gain a comprehensive understanding of back-end development basics, accompanied by the acquisition of a new language, Python. They will then become proficient in object-oriented programming and learn how to store information in databases using SQL and object relational mapping.

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