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Robotics Picodegree

The 2-month Robotics Picodegree program is an intensive and comprehensive educational experience designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the field of robotics. Developed by experts in the field, this program covers a wide range of topics crucial to robotics, including computer vision, machine learning, sensor fusion, and control systems.


All participants in the robotics program must complete an introductory pre-work assignment one week prior to the start of the class. During this pre-work phase, students will become proficient in using our online learning management system (Notion), configure their development environments, and acquaint themselves with the foundational programming languages: C, C++, C# and Python that will equip them for the first day of the program.




In the initial month, Robotics Nanodegree participants master foundational principles in mathematics, physics, and programming languages like Python and C++. The curriculum explores essential robotic concepts, covering kinematics, dynamics, and control theory. Hands-on exercises reinforce theoretical learning, setting the stage for implementing algorithms in basic robotic tasks.


The second month advances into cutting-edge robotics, covering computer vision, machine learning, sensor fusion, and localization. Students apply knowledge in complex projects, implementing state-of-the-art algorithms for tasks like object recognition and autonomous navigation. Emphasis is on integrating perception and decision-making, mirroring real-world scenarios and fostering collaborative problem-solving.

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