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Month 1

You will be introduced to the programming languages R and Python. Together with others, you will explore the cutting edge of Data Science. You will be introduced to data collection techniques and the various forms of data storage and data access using cutting-edge tools. 


Week 1: Introduction to Data Science

Week 2: Introduction to R & Python

Week 3: Data Types and Structures

Week 4: Data Collection and Databases

Week 5: Data Analysis in R & Python

Month 2

You will be introduced to data visualization, Statistical and scientific data analysis, machine learning and the latest methods in Artificial Intelligence. 


Week 6: Data Visualization

Week 7: Statistical & Scientific Analysis

Week 8: Big Data

Week 9: Intro to Machine Learning

Week 10: Intro to Deep Learning

Month 3

You will carry out real-life data projects of your choice and use your skills to carry out a project of your choice.


Week 11: Project Proposals

Week 12: Data Science Project Implementation

Week 13: Project Presentation

Week 14: Course End

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