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Week 1: Introduction to AI and Machine Learning

  • Session 1: Introductions, Course Technologies Overview,  and access to TinTin AI and LMS

  • Session 2: Overview of AI and Machine Learning.

Week 3: Natural Language Processing 

  • Session 5: Exploring Transformers in Natural Language Processing.

  • Session 6: Coding  in Natural Language Processing.

Week 5: Transfer Learning and Downstream Finetuning of Large Models

  • Session 9: Finetuning & RLHF(Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback) // Vision Architectures for Executive Program

  • Session 10: Coding in Finetuning & RLHF

Week 6: Advanced AI Tools and Frameworks

  • Session 16: Introduction to Advanced AI Tools (TensorFlow, PyTorch).

  • Session 17: Utilizing Cloud Platforms for AI Development.

  • Session 18: Optimizing AI Algorithms for Performance.

Week 8: Project Presentation and AI Career Pathways

  • Session 22: Finalizing AI Project and Preparation for Presentation.

  • Session 23: Presentation of AI Projects to Peers and Instructors.

  • Session 24: Career Opportunities and Future Trends in AI.

Week 2: State of the Art in Artificial Intelligence

  • Session 3: State of the Art in Artificial Intelligence

  • Session 4: Understanding State of the Art Machine Learning Models and Algorithms

Week 4: Computer Vision (CV)

  • Session 7: Exploring CNNs in Computer Vision

  • Session 8: Coding in Computer Vision

Week 5: Deep Dive into Specific AI Domains

  • Session 13: AI in Healthcare.

  • Session 14: AI in Finance and Business.

  • Session 15: Ethical Considerations in AI.

Week 7: Real-Life Practical AI Project

  • Session 19: Project Briefing and Data Gathering.

  • Session 20: Developing AI Models for the Project.

  • Session 21: Analyzing and Refining AI Models.

ENROLL NOW to immerse yourself in the dynamic world of AI and Machine Learning. This course offers practical, hands-on experience with cutting-edge algorithms, including reinforcement learning, transformers, and RHLF, culminating in a real-life practical project that showcases your newfound skills in AI.


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