Month 02

Artificial Intelligence Bootcamp

Algorithm Architecture

Online (5 Days)

Excursion: Nairobi, Kenya (1 Day)


Midnight 17th October 2022

Course Dates: 
24th – 29th October 2022

Happy Friends

The 2022 AI Bootcamp will look into the cutting edge in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Participants from all over Africa will explore Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, and Generative AIs in a week with world-class tutors. The course will include an online element and a one-day networking excursion.


“I have been studying at HURU School for two months. HURU School is a great experience for me. All teachers and staff are professional, helpful, kind, and friendly. I am lucky to be a student at HURU School. If you want to learn about relevant cutting-edge technology, you should come to HURU School.”"

Jane Chumo, COOP Bank, Kenya

“HURU School is one of the best schools I have ever attended. The staff is really helpful and friendly, anything I needed they were able to sort out for me. Overall I would recommend this school to anyone 100%, thumbs up!!!"

Jean-Baptiste Ruhiyira,  Rwanda